Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual school is an alternative the traditional brick and mortar setting. Content is delivered by highly qualified PA Certified teachers using high end technology. Students achieve the same objectives as a traditional school. The only difference is the media by which the information is delivered.
The V3 Academy gives your child flexibility in determining the hours that they attend school. The V3 also allows students to spend more time in areas of need and less time in areas they have already mastered. Students also receive an increased amount of one-to-one attention.
The V3 Academy is primarily for grades 7-12. Please contact us for information regarding elementary aged students.
The V3 is free if you reside in the Northern Lebanon School District, or are a member of a partnering district. Please contact us for more information on how your child can attend the V3 Academy tuition free.
All students in grades 7-12 and residents of the Northern Lebanon School District are eligible to enroll. Others may be eligible and need to contact us to see your child meets eligibility requirements.
All V3 Academy curricula is approved by the Northern Lebanon School Board of Directors and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Students are required to attend 180 days of school. For each school day, students should spend a minimum of 1 hour per day, per subject. In accordance with Pennsylvania law, all students in grades 7-12 must attend school a minimum of 990 hours in a given school year.
Your child’s progress is monitored by the highly qualified staff of the V3 Academy. If at any time our staff becomes concerned with the progress of your child, we will contact you immediately. Grades are given each quarter for the duration of the school year. In addition, each parent is given an observer account, which allows you to log into our virtual school and see your child’s assignments and grades.
Attendance is monitored through a reporting system in our virtual school. All student activity in the system is logged. In accordance with our attendance policy, students must be logged on every school day and must meet required due dates.
The V3 Academy does not provide computer unless it is requested. In addition, the child’s family is responsible for all fees relating to Internet access.
Yes! Each enrollee meets with the coordinator before being enrolled in the V3 Academy. A small training session is held to help orient the student with the learning interface. Additional training can be provided upon request.
During our mandatory live sessions, students interact with both teacher and students in our “Live Classroom” application. This application supports full voice to voice interaction, as well as support for webcams.
Physical education is achieved through an individual contract with each student. Students must be physically active a minimum of 1.5 hours per week. This activity is logged and verified by the parent and submitted to the V3 on a quarterly basis.
Parents are vital to the success of a student in the V3 Academy. Although students are young adults, they still need to be guided and nurtured. While the V3 Academy has many electronic ways to monitor a student, the parent is the human eyes and ears. Parents have first hand knowledge of the student's strengths and weaknesses.
Yes, students may attend the Career and Technology Center and the V3 Academy.
Language Arts – 4.0 Credits Social Science – 4.0 Credits Mathematics – 3.0 Credits Natural Science – 3.0 Credits Humanities – 2.0 Credits Physical Education – 1.5 Credits Computer Applications – 1.0 Credit Health – 0.5 Credit Electives – 5.0 Credits Graduation Project
Yes, upon meeting graduation requirements, your child will have the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony and will receive and Northern Lebanon School District diploma.
You can download a copy of the V3 Academy Course Requirements and Guidelines.